About me

Gesine Stegmann was born to German parents in Barcelona and grew up partly in Spain and partly in Germany until she moved to England to work there as a music teacher.

Due to her multicultural upbringing she developed from an early age a special interest in international communication both through language and through music.

After completing her school education at a specialist music school she took up her studies at the Berlin University of the Arts, where she acquired an academic music degree with piano as her main instrument. She then decided to continue her studies, taking a degree in flute as a solo instrument.

For several years she taught the piano, flute and recorder at the “Musikschule Charlottenburg” in Berlin.

When she was offered a job at the “Wells Cathedral School”, one of the four specialist music schools in England, she moved to the Southwest of the UK to work there for many years as an instrumental teacher as well as an adjudicator in Chamber Music Competitions and as a flautist in various orchestras.

In October 2008 she felt drawn back to Berlin and its cultural richness, where she is now committed to combine the experiences she gathered in England with the traditions of the German music world and to bring them to fruition in her private teaching studio.

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