My main aim in my music lessons is to help the students to discover with playful fun the world of musical processes and emotions and to develop the necessary technical, mental and emotional skills to play their instrument with pleasure. By realising in which areas a student requires specific support, by recognising his or her strengths and by setting individual targets I am able to adjust to each student individually.

The above mentioned article Piano Players are cleverer (PDF, 94 KB) from the weekly magazine „The Week“ confirms my personal teaching experience.

While learning to play an instrument, the whole personality of a child, adolescent or adult is addressed and its development stimulated and enhanced. This process is noticeable not only on an intellectual level – as described in the article above – but also on an emotional and social level.

The fine motor skills, whose development generally intensifies from the age of five, as well as a logical and associative way of thinking are trained extraordinarily by an essential coordination of the following ingredients:

  • visual impressions (reading music)
  • acoustical and rhythmical signals
  • the translation of these into corresponding physical movements

This requires and promotes the ability to concentrate, something that tends to get lost in today’s restless way of life.

My pupils learn to accept the inevitable process of learning through mistakes and they will be shown how to use it to their advantage. Their “reward” is the experience of success and the joy of music making.

As is known, all of the skills which are mentioned above can be applied very successfully in non-musical areas of life and contribute significantly to the promotion of self confidence.

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